IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband, September 24 – 26, 2007, Singapore

The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband will be held in Singapore, from September 24 to 26, 2007. This conference provides a forum for the latest UWB systems, technologies, and applications in both microwave and millimeter wave bands. ICUWB 2007 is a continuation of a series of annual international UWB conferences held in Baltimore (2002), Reston-VA (2003), Oulu (2004), Kyoto (2004), Zurich (2005) and Waltham (2006).

Electronic Paper Submission: Prospective authors are invited to submit technical papers (4 to 6 pages, in PDF format) emphasizing their contributions beyond the state of the art via the ICUWB 2007 website at Complete information on how to submit a paper and register for the conference can be found on this website. The paper submission implies that at least one of the authors will have a full registration to the Conference on acceptance of the paper. All accepted papers will be published by the IEEE in the Conference Proceedings and included in IEEEXplore.

Topics include:
A. UWB Antennas and Propagation:
A.1 Antenna designs & arrays
A.2 Channel modeling
A.3 Field trials & measurements
A.4 Time-domain EM modeling

B. UWB Hardware Architecture and Implementation:
B.1 RF modules, circuits & systems
B.2 Low power consumption techniques
B.3 Integrated circuit designs (RF, analog)
B.4 Pulse generation & detection
B.5 OFDM implementations
B.6 Transceivers for microwave & data converter & digital) millimeter wave (60 GHz & beyond).

C. UWB Communication Systems and Signal Processing:
C.1 Modulation & detection
C.2 System architectures
C.3 Synchronization
C.4 Multiple access schemes
C.5 Interference & capacity
C.6 Coding & decoding
C.7 Positioning, ranging & localization
C.9 Wireless Personal/Body Area Network
C.10 Wireless USB

D. UWB Cognitive and Cooperative Radio Networks:
D.1 Radio access protocols & architectures
D.2 Energy efficient cross-layer design
D.3 Spectrum sensing & dynamic spectrum sharing
D.4 Cooperative & relay networking
D.5 Power & resource allocation

E. UWB Radar and Sensing Systems:
E.1 Space-Time Adaptive Processing
E.3 Beamforming & phased arrays
E.4 Polarimetry
E.6 Automotive/Vehicular radar
E.7 Wall probing, GPR, through-wall radar
E.8 Medical & proximity sensing/imaging
E.9 Industrial material analysis
E.10 Weapons/explosives detection

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